HRS Heat Exchangers confirm significant exhibiting attendance at The Thermal Engineering Show 2016

The Thermal Engineering Show 2016 is pleased to announce HRS Heat Exchangers have confirmed a significant exhibiting presence at the event which takes place Thursday, 2nd June at the Roundhouse, Derby.

About HRS Heat Exchangers –¬†

HRS Group was founded in 1981. Our core business is heat transfer and its application in thousands of processes, spanning industries from Food to Pharmaceutical, from Chemical to HVAC, from Energy to Water and many innovative Green applications.

About Us

Our products and process innovation supports our customers in the things that matter such as energy efficiency and competitively priced products. We relish the challenges of a future where our core competence has never been needed more: to be able to provide solutions from the core of your processes.

Static image: Company presentation and product portfolio
Company presentation and product portfolio
  • Reducing your impact on our environment.
  • Improving the quality of our customers finished product.
  • Reducing Energy Consumption.
  • Turning waste to value.


Through patented innovations and proven heat exchanger products we can apply knowledge and experience to position our customers at the front of their industry. Less waste, less energy and less product damage means more productivity, more cost reduction and more quality.

Global presence

With production capacity in Europe and Asia and plus technical design and sales offices around the world(Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Peru, Emirates, India) we are able to support a broad geographical base of customers.